Idea: Locked in a room full of monsters and equipped with a door for offense and defense, the player must defeat all monsters and exit the room through a special door.  The door might lead to an upgrade (stat boost or restore health) or trigger an ambush. If you knock down the door, the door gives you neither treat nor trick. Every 5 rooms is a boss room, after which an extra life is offered as an upgrade and a new set of rooms becomes available.

Current Status: Player can move around with doors permanently attached to its head and side. Stats appear on the HUD and Pause menu. Restart is super buggy. Buttons don't work because I tried to learn the new input system on a whim. Some upgrade stuff is implemented but not accessible in the game.

Keyboard Controls

  • Move with WASD or Arrows
  • Dash with Spacebar or Left Shift
  • Pause with [P] or Tab, but [R] or ESC will also pause for confirmation
  • Restart with [R] on pause menu, but it is super buggy; don't do it
  • Quit with ESC on pause menu (download only)

Xbox Controls (download only)

  • Move with L-Stick or D-Pad
  • Dash with X button
  • Pause with Start button


Download 22 MB

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